Considerations for Carpet Under Modular Furniture

People will often procrastinate replacing the carpet under modular work stations for years because of their fear of the disruption and cost of dealing with the cubicles. We have even had customers request that we cut in new carpet “pathways” in the spaces between cubicles. Ironically, the disruption to the tenant in this type of carpet replacement is far less than a traditional office carpet replacement. As long as you are using carpet tiles, we can come in at night, lift the modular work stations a fraction of an inch and replace the carpet with almost no inconvenience to the tenant. Most customers are skeptical at first but amazed by the end of the project!

  • Many contractors that bid this work do not have the training to perform responsibly. I once saw a contractor at a pre-bid testing his “lift equipment” on a cubicle….it was a hand truck!! Remember, you get what you pay for.
  • Some contractors might know how to lift one system but not another. They are all different and you can easily damage very expensive furniture if you don’t know what you’re doing. I had a competitor tell me about damaging a cubicle during a lift job and being amazed that the customer expected them to fix it! This is very specialized work.
  • We use crews that perform lift work every night. They have experience with all types of furniture. And, the Milliken Levitate lift equipment is adaptable to every furniture style.