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How Today’s Carpet Tile Meets the Most Challenging Environments


The days of “it’s just flooring” are long gone. The flooring of today has attributes that take into consideration such qualities as acoustics, comfort, and durability, to name a few.  Even flooring technology has evolved to provide better options for clients with unique needs. Take one of the latest projects with DMA Floors and a local Richmond, Virginia client.  They had specific requests, including a solution to a special flooring situation.  DMA Floors was up to the challenge.

Partnering with the expertise of J&J Flooring and their product line, DMA Floors met those conditions and then some.  The client ended up using a product called Kinetex.  This is an advanced carpet tile that supports the demands of the education, healthcare and retail industries, with an impressive range of performance characteristics including quality, design, durability, comfort, ease of maintenance and safety.  For this application, the big win was that Kinetex has a lifetime warranty in terms of moisture – up to 100% Rh, using their PreFix prior to installation.  This system improves air quality by reducing the amount of allergens in the air, which is a health-conscious client’s dream. The sustainability of Kinetex is amazing, reusing 45% of post-consumer content and 50% lower impact than other carpet tiles.  This would be an eye catcher for any company wanting to lower their environmental footprint.  

The resulting successful project can be attributed to: (1) Providing outstanding customer service, (2) excellent products, and (3) extensive vendor knowledge. It's not just flooring anymore, as new materials, fresh ideas and innovative ways to combine form and function create a dynamic market.  DMA Floors will continue to educate and meet the ever-changing product requests of our customer base, with the same desire and passion about flooring that has allowed us to grow our business.

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Patrick Henry Building | DMA Floors


DMA Floors is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Patrick Henry Building, 3rd floor, contracted through the Department of General Services. The office of Governor Ralph Northam and secretary offices are located on that floor.

3300 square feet of carpeting had to be replaced from Friday night through Sunday, in order to conduct business as usual on Monday morning. Nonetheless, each carpet tile was carefully placed to ensure all insets fell in the right position, using interface adhesive tabs on existing cork flooring. Special thanks to Dre and the entire team for making it happen!

DGS chose Net Effect Collection’s Caspian tile; it has four different styles to create a beautiful inset design that showcases the dark to light pattern.

This project was one of many between DGS and DMA Floors. For example, in 2019, Centennial Contractors and DMA joined forces to complete a 12-floor renovation for DGS. Three different buildings were involved: the Jefferson Building, the James Monroe Building, and the Main Street Center Building. The Patrick Henry Building project was completed in November, 2019.

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