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Avoiding Flooring Failures - Things You Need To Know

Avoiding Flooring Failures - Things You Need To Know

We, at DMA Floors, have been faced with our share of potentially problematic installations and have worked hard to develop a strong understanding of what can go wrong under various circumstances.  We try to share as much information as possible, not in an attempt to scare people, but in an attempt to educate them.  We want you to have the knowledge to make an informed decision from the beginning.  Many people and companies do not understand the relationship between the concrete and the finish.  We are fortunate in that we focus on concrete and flooring and understand how they affect each other.

This article "Avoiding Flooring Failures: 10 Things You Need to Know" from Durability and Design covers some basic, but often overlooked considerations for specifying, planning, pricing and finishing your project.

We also cover many of these issues here on our own website and would be happy to answer any questions you may have, or set up an information session.

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