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High Slab Moisture and Need to Get the Epoxy Down

High Slab Moisture and Need to Get the Epoxy Down

We were working with ML Bell @MLBellBuilt on a project where we needed to install a quartz broadcast epoxy system in some bathrooms for a camp in Goochland, VA.  When we conducted our pre install inspection we found the slab moisture content well in excess of tolerances for a standard epoxy.  We discussed the issue with Bell and quickly resolved to pour a urethane concrete instead of an epoxy for the first broadcast.  This enabled use to go right over the damp slab without fear of failure.  We were able to get the floor down without delay and with minimal cost increase.  They now have a floor with the same look as specified that will resist just about anything the campers or nature can throw at it.  Thank you ML Bell for being open and responsive to an issue that many of us face on a daily basis, but too often choose to ignore.

Urethane concretes permit installation over green concrete and can handle elevated slab moisture.  They can be finished with quartz, flake, mica, and various other decorative options.

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