Additional Services

At DMA, we pride ourselves in being able to help you get the look and performance that you want from your floor. We have a few technical services that we offer that further demonstrate why DMA is your best choice. Even if we are not installing your floorcovering, we will be more than happy to help you with any of the following services.

DMA Floors offers saw joint filling

Saw Joint Filling

Open saw joints can store dirt and debris. We can fill them with semi-rigid joint filler and shave them level with the floor to prevent this. Colored joint filler can be used to create accents as well.

saw cutting

Decorative Saw Cutting

Decorative saw cutting can be used to provide delineation between colors or to create designs or patterns in the slab. We can use it in conjunction with staining and joint filling to create dramatic effects, borders, the appearance of grout lines, or to outline a logo or text. If you can imagine it, we can probably cut it.

large shot blaster

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting can be used to create a profile in the floor for resinous and moisture mitigation systems to bond to. It can also be used to remove some coatings and prepare for some other floor finishes. We use a large 15” Blastrac machine that is extremely efficient and has an integrated dust collection system to help you maintain clean air.

DMA Floors offers decorative stainingDecorative Concrete at Stanovick

Decorative Staining

We offer decorative concrete stain applications using dye stains, acid or reactive stains and topical stain systems. Decorative stains can be applied using stencils or within saw cut areas to provide color to designs, patterns and logos. Stains can also be used to change the color of an entire area. Staining can be performed in conjunction with polished concrete or it can be sealed using a variety of sealers depending on your intended use.

ameripolish colorjuice system

Topical Polishing Systems

While topical polishing systems do not provide the same level of wear resistance and durability that a true polish does, they can be used in some low traffic environments when a specific look is desired and a budget will not permit a true polish.

BindingCarpet Binding

We have a binding shop on premises and can bind most carpets.

Cutting carpet to hand sewResult of hand stitched carpet panels

Hand Stitching Panels

We handle hand sewing and installation of historic era woven carpets.

Acoustical and Decorative CeilingAcoustic Ceiling Tile with Lighting

Acoustical and Decorative Ceiling Tiles

We are a full service installer of acoustical and decorative ceiling tiles.

Wall Panel AuditoriumWall Panel in auditorium

Acoustical and Protective Wall Panels

We install acoustical and protective wall panels in healthcare, office, government and educational environments.

Pavilion Patient Room FC close-up

Heat Welding and Flash Coving

Our teams perform a great deal of heat welding and coving of sheet goods for sanitary purposes in healthcare and other settings.

Access Flooring Panels

Access Flooring Panels

We can provide and install raised access flooring systems.